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A sanctuary of prayer, alchemy, healing & well-being.

Using technology of the heart and ancient wisdom.


“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies."  

– Albert Einstein 


SERVICES:   01 - 07


Transformational Work -we each move through waves of transformation and challenges on our path and you are not alone. We are here in this lifetime to correct, refine and align. If you are really to release the karmic cycles that do not serve and reconnect to your souls dharmic purpose & essence

I would be honored to assist. 

Tuning in with humbleness, presence, consciousness and purity. As a mentor I am embracing each session and project in it's uniqueness as everyone is a individual expression of the divine. Supporting with rebalancing your nervous system and overall well-being. Working with your higher self, the Creator, archangels and ascended masters to support and guide us through the Quantum field.


Discovering root causes in various lifetimes with past life regression and ancestral lineages on ongoing issues. I use sound, breath, movement, guided meditation, prayer, sacred geometry, Kabbalah technology, visualization and channelling to shift blockages and harmonize along with your co-creation. 


If you are feeling inspired and aligned to connect, we can schedule in a discovery

call and feel into which offerings would benefit you. Online distance or in-person sessions are offered

• Intuitive Akashic Reading and Healing •





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The Akasha are records of the soul’s journey, thru space, time, matter and no matter. Your library recorded in the ether of the past, present and future. We connect to your  highest soul self and operating system as we investigate energetic soul contracts, ancestral lineage lines, patterns, lower vibrational entities and cords in all timelines. Past life regression to close karmic loops and clearing, while also looking to unveil your dharma and purpose. 





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1:1 Mentoring -supporting you in navigating and integrating the physical body, emotional body, and spiritual body. Guiding you toward your greatest potential on earth while refining your diamond and connecting you to your highest self and guides who are here to help you evolve, and learn during this incarnation. I can support by offering different tools and grounded methods for what is needed at this time and the steps you wish to take. 360 lifestyle protocols for your highest well-being. Holding space for all that what to be shared and unveiling what wishes to be open. * In person or zoom call. 





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Using modern science as a tool and my intuitive healing work we can identify and restore with root causes. The AO Scan is a noninvasive bioresonance device which uses radionics to detect abnormalities in the various energy frequencies of cells, tissues, and organs throughout your body.  Every cell and organ in the body produces a distinctive vibrational frequency. The scalar scan provides a visual report of you overall health and offers corrections with vibration frequencies to harmonize and treat the system. * In person or zoom call. 




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We investigate energetic contracts, ancestral lineage lines, patterns, entities and cords in all timelines that are ready to be released and cleansed. Cord cutting means cutting any ties with anyone who no longer serves you highest divine time line. Clearings are removing any past, generational traumatic experiences from our cel- memory in our body and subconscious to activate our creative potential into our fullest. We may also go inward with a visualization method to dive deeper into the root cause. Going into the Akasha records we can look into contracts and terms with people in your life.





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Allow us to guide a transformative experience for your small group of family, friends or co-workers. Incorporating wellness practices tailored for your needs with expertise such as sound baths, blue lotus ceremonies, cocoa ceremonies, 360 lifestyle guidance, quantum journeys, guided meditations, breathwork, conscious relating exercises and movement. Going deep with inner work in the comfort of you home, office or a unique destination. Allowing this high vibe expereince to radiate and lotus flower to bloom within each participant. 

• Creating  Video/Art Transmissions •




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Channelling while using film expertise in creating transmissions for your project to connect viewers to the heart.

As I director & creative producer I create film transmissions in sacred ritual. We specify what this transmission is into a clear message by creating a moodboard/storyboard. Moving into pre-production, shooting and post production with the aligned collaborators. I offer my service as a video director & creative producer by creating sacred ritual with consecration and invocation of our guides for the entire production. 


Integrating the concious aspect, creates heart to heart, soul to soul connection, it harmonies the team to create transmission with an immense moving power in service of the highest good of all. 

Peaceful Power

"A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer so that you may heal yourself."  -Maryam Hasnaa




VILINA•Devotion -Sanskrit // MALKA•Queen - Hebrew //

Birth Given Name: Melanie Alexandra Abramov

Mentor / Akashic Reader / Intuitive Healer /

Tao Tantric Arts / Facilitator  / Sacred Film Director / Artist

Every day I embrace transformation, devoted to unveiling messages of truth and love, guiding humanity toward heart-centered expression and service for the highest good.

Departing from my former matrix city life, I've immersed myself in Mother Gaia's embrace, delving deep into spirituality and ancient wisdom. Shedding illusionary concepts, and liberating myself from conditioned belief systems, I consider it a blessing to share the knowledge I've received, recognizing that we are all eternal students in the school of life.  Through my own transformative journey, I've gained compassion for the transitional process and now support mental well-being and facilitate transformative experiences lead by the divine feminine

I support with opening the Akashic records, guiding soul journeys through past life regression, karmic healing, sound journeys and exploring quantum realms. Re-balancing the nervous system, and rebalancing the feminine and masculine within us.  Connecting with the light of the Rose Lineage, sacred geometry MerKaBa, Kabbalah, and Divine Source. I integrate various modalities to ignite the life force within us and bring us back to our true essence of unconditional love. As a mediator, I facilitate the release and clearing of ancestral lineage traumas, energetic contracts, densities, and patterns, enabling conscious energy work to elevate us back to the frequency of love and remembrance.


Certifications: Tao Tantric Arts Facilitator, Akashic Records Linage Initiation, Osho Meditative Therapy Facilitator, High Priestess Initiation, Shamanic Training, Merkaba Activation Initation, Meditation Facilitator & Wendy Lang Channeling Mediumship.  Studying as a Kabbalah devotee & wellness practitioner. 

With a background in art, including graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York and spending 15 years in advertising and fashion, my journey of remembrance led me to  merge film, art, and lightwork to create sacred transmissions. Co-founding Violet Waves alongside Sanne Samina, our mission is to awaken the life force within the masses through transformative film and art experiences.





Nomadic:  Global Citizen

Telegram @frequnceyoflight

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IG @peaceful.power

Thank you <3

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